Planning Permission

What is Planning Permission and
how do I get Planning Permission?

These are two questions that we are asked regularly, and using our team of professionals, this is where we can work with landowners. Very briefly, the Planning Permission process with ourselves is as follows:

  1. After contact with a landowner, we make initial enquiries and investigations, all strictly confidential, using our expert in-house team.
  2. If we think the site is suitable for further development, we meet with the landowner to explain the Planning process.
  3. Usually at this meeting we will outline the details of the offer we can make to purchase the land.
  4. Once agreed, we enter into a simple contract, outlining the agreed price and timescales before contacting the local Council for a preliminary discussion of our proposals.
  5. Based on the Council’s response, we prepare a Planning Application, including drawings, Planning statements, consultants’ reports and the comprehensive list of documents required for a valid Planning Application. The preparation of a Planning Application can take several months, owing to the complexities of the reports and requirements of the Council, and can cost NFC Homes anything from fifty thousand to several hundred thousand pounds. We bear all these costs; we do not charge the landowner for these and we manage the whole process.
  6. Once submitted, a typical Planning Application can take anything from eight weeks to eight months, or sometimes longer. The first step is for Council Officers to review the Application, including all the reports submitted. If Council Officers are in agreement, it usually proceeds to the Planning Committee to be voted on by elected Councillors. If Councillors approve, they grant Planning Permission.
  7. If Councillors refuse, the Application can be Appealed, so that a decision can be made by a Government appointed Planning Inspector who is independent of the local Council. Often, if the Planning Officer at the Council has supported the Planning Application, but local Councillors have refused it, the Planning Inspector will agree with the Planning Officer’s recommendation, and grant Permission.
  8. Once Planning Permission has been granted, the land can be purchased, and development can commence.

This is a simplified version of what is a very complicated process. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the process in greater detail: there is no obligation in so doing.

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